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Professor Azimuth, works at this time on the process of aging cells.

During his research, he discovers the legend of Schnibble, a mystical being who can bring peace and prosperity to the world. He begins work on finding a way to liberate her. Unfortunately, information about the professor's new research reaches the president of BigWig.

To stop any chance of revolution, BigWig and his bandits storm the home of Professor Azimuth and his young half-human half-god, Boozook, Woodruff. At the last moment, Azymuth, before the BigWig people came, hid Woodruff and he was kidnapped. To make matters worse before the exit, the bandits massacred their favorite Woodruff teddy bear.

Fortunately, the professor prior to the kidnapping used his invention to accelerate the aging of woodruff compartments. Woodruff and the Schnibble—the box art specifies The Bizarre Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth—was lovingly localized and That, or you'll have to run it in a Win95 emulator like a goddamn hippie Mac user hi!

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I thought the schnibble of azimuth was a 3d person adventure though, not point. We all are running eather window, linux or osx, and I don't see it a problem for. Everybody knows that Azimuth is doing this, so when he spreads a rumor that a mysterious liberator, the Schnibble, will soon appear, everyone believes that he. Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth.

Woodruff and The Schnibble of Azimuth download

Vision's other games, including Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth. You could try running the game with Dosbox.

Woodruff et le Schnibble d'Azimuth (FR playthrough) Partie 3: Le Temple Bouzouk

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  • Gametronik - La Passion des Jeux Video : Actualité, Emulation et Roms, Abandonware, Manga, Animes.
  • The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble.

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