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Reason for speed increase: 'Larger sizes normally means more flash chips and they can be written to in a parallel fashion. Android Fix Kits.

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Was this answer helpful? This can be helpful for benchmarking the performance of external volumes for Time Machine backups, RAID setups, or even just to find out if an external USB flash key drive is fast enough to run a game or app from.

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Disk Speed Test is the same simple app used to benchmark an SSD or standard hard drive , and with some minor effort can be. Another option is to use Xbench, and older free app that performs a general benchmark suite on OS X. With some minor settings adjustments, XBench can be turned exclusively into a simple disk speed performance testing suite, and it provides a simpler interface than Disk Speed Test.

Remember, drive speeds vary greatly with external volumes, and some limitations come from the drive type itself flash, ssd, traditional spinning platter , and others from the connection interface USB, USB 2, Thunderbolt, etc.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: How Fast Are Your Mac's Drives?

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Nevertheless, if you would like to measure the performance of your Fusion drive, use the larger 5 GB stress file size, and watch the speedometers closely. When you start the test, you'll likely see relatively slower write and read speeds as the first couple of tests are written to the slower hard drive.

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At some point, your Mac will decide the test file is one you're using often, and move it to the faster SSD. You can actually see this occur on the write and read speedometers. Once you have the settings just as you want them, you can push the Start button.

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The test starts by writing the test file to the target disk and then reading the test file back. The actual time spent writing is limited to an 8-second test, at which point the read test starts, also lasting for 8 seconds. Once the write, read cycle is completed, the test repeats, writing for 8 seconds, then reading for 8 seconds. The test will continue until you click the Start button again.


The results are where Blackmagic Disk Speed Test needs the most work. While the Will It Work? And How Fast?

If you watch the speedometers during a test, they jump around quite a bit. And the speed displayed when you hit the Start button is just the speed at that one moment in time; you get no report of average speed or peak speed. Even with this limitation, you do get a reasonable ballpark figure for how fast your drive is performing.

We like Blackmagic Disk Speed Test as a quick guide to how well a drive is performing. I use it often to measure how various external enclosures perform with the same drive installed in them. Disk Speed Test works well for quickly seeing how well a storage system is performing, and while the app is part of my benchmarking tools, it isn't the only one I use for testing storage performance. We would like to see Blackmagic add the ability to log peak and average performance during a test, but even without these two features, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test should be part of every Mac enthusiast's suite of benchmarking tools.