Mac smb share not working

Connecting an SMB fileshare in macOS Mojave is not working? Here is a workaround.

Most of dealing with the sidebar are hacks using various tools you can find on GitHub. I've not used it, but ChangeSideBarLists should be able to do something like you want. It's python though. This has been a bug for years, and may just be expected behavior. Simple solution: Make Aliases to those shares and store them in a "Links" folder in your Home directory.

Feel free to rename and color tag the aliases to make them more friendly. Then drag the Aliases to the sidebar, not the share icons themselves. Also, put the "Links" folder itself in the Sidebar. They won't disappear from the Sidebar when using this method. It wants to drag the alias into an existing folder. But dragging the Links folder into the sidebar works just fine. Thanks for the suggestion! I recommend this technique with mounts to my users at work. This bug is annoying. Another way to get the aliases to your sidebar is to browse to it in Column view, it will then allow you to drag it to the sidebar I have a folder of alias's in my dock.

Alias's pointing to a folder located on a SMB share never work. Unless you open it once directly from the share itself. Very annoying. Few notes: 1. Are you sure it's not an availability or authentication issue? I've seen name resolution failing regularly on Sierra for no reason, and guess access to browse shares was disabled by default in Server as I recall this is regarding empty network map. Adobe CC became the most buggiest piece of shit quality product bundle I've worked with in a decade or so - never seen such an untested, junk garbage being pushed out the door every months; it's downright criminal, I hope they end up being sued in a class action, it's so bad I have people relying on it every day, I can tell you the long list of randomly breaking things and finding the workarounds until they fix it in the next release, only to break something else or regress on an older issue I've no comments on the SMB issues since I only use them lightly and they always seem to work for me.

Hope folks can track down what's causing the issue and report it to Apple. For the above though I'd agree. I've tried the main fixes suggested on the net with no luck. I don't know why it crashes on one machine and not the others. Posted: Mon May 22, pm.

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Thread starter Mamdoh Start date Oct 7, Tags 11 nightlies updates macos smb. Mamdoh Newbie Oct 7, Joined Aug 12, Messages 12 Thanks 7. The share does not exist on the server. Please check the share name, and then try again. Last edited: Oct 14, I have an auto-update mechanism that, since it connects to check for new versions, gives me an idea of how many users there are for my programs. My rough calculation was 1 in 20, so thereabouts.

Yeah, interesting point on Mac users being grateful for solutions as there are not that many. I just noticed that the link on your website is actually linking to your post hear instead of to the top of the page … maybe you could update it when you get around to it? The correct links are. Thanks again for posting a link to this article. Hi can someone please help me, i have installed smbup and setup shares and they work but as soon as i restart my Mac the shares are no longer available, how do I get around this.

Hope this helps. SMBUp solves it except for the issue with loosing the shares when the computer starts up. Adding it to login items will mean I must be logged into the account to have the shares working. I see Samba3 files config files and launch scritps are installed and could play a bit with them on command line, but my Shares will only show up once I fire up SMBup.

I would like to have the shares showing up whenever the computer starts, even without any user account being logged in, how can I attain that? Trying to troubleshoot further and will post the answer here if I ever find it. If I click the start button on SMBup it starts ok.

Maybe a permission issue. Anyway, all OK here now. Thanks for leaving a nice feedback! Great product.

Connecting to SMB shares with Mac OS X - College of Agriculture IT | Montana State University

Installed it and it is working well. How do I set it up to start the service when I login in. Have I missed something?

Access a Shared Folder from Windows

Ehm … I have not run into that scenario … that can be pretty annoying to have to grant access each time you boot your computer. I actually keep my computer laptop in standby pretty much all the time. I have not had time to test this yet, but your Mac might be able to access the KeyChain to authenticate — not sure how helpful that will be though Apple KB article. I looked around this AM and went to manager users. I am unable to to add a user and my user name is in the delete user area and the only user available is Guest.

Or did you mean in SMBUp? However; mine never asks for a password. Could it be that your user account does not have full admin rights? If these options are grey; use the padlock to enable them.

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He says user and pw do not match but it is not true.. Therefore the WDTV works fine. I installed SMBUp hoping to solve the problem but is not successful. Or vice versa of course. You might have to experiment with those settings. Hi, thanks so much for your article. Now it;s working. But… the videos stop at some point and the start again, but then they stop again, and for good. I think this happens when the iMac goes to sleep.

Could this be the reason? Is there a way to fix it?

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And, I cannot even see it when the computer is in the sleep mode. Another issue might be your Mac falling asleep, although one would hope things restore normally when waking up. Obviously, while accessing your Mac, it should stay awake. Another issue might be that the Amazon Fire TV is not restoring the connection properly either.

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Maybe after a few attempts it simply decides to call it the day and ignore it as of then. One is when the computer sees network traffic, which pretty much keeps the computer on at all times, since there is quite often network traffic coming by, even though it might not be intended for the iMac Windows computers are known to notoriously keep sending stuff to the network, causing this type of traffic.

Is there a way that a folder appears on multiple hard drives as a path? It would be nice if it makes SMBup 1 x Action. So 1 x Action, but 4 paths.

Step 2 – Connect to Windows Shared Folder from OS X

SMB Windows file sharing not working on Mac after upgrading to macOS High Sierra or macOS Sierra or setting up a new Mac or MacBook via iCloud is easily fixed. For SMB windows file sharing, you need to select a user for activation. Background: How to enable SMB Windows. I'm having a problem with SMB shares on MacOS Sierra. I can see the shares in “ Finder”, but, when I click on them I get an error message like.

Combining paths like that is probably not possible.