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Sorry, this was a mistake. I am running El Capital Additionally, testing it by hitting the Spacebar while that. Thank you for letting us know Chris. We will be looking into this further and providing further information once we have it! The renaming folder issue is unusual, and is the only thing I have no direct idea on.

That behavior goes back a long way — even before this technique for icon-making was available. The issue with the preview and the iconutil command, however, may be related to each other. As it turned out, my original icon which I was scaling automatically using a script was not placed on a square canvas, which meant the sizes were not square, and that returned similar errors when I tried to run iconutil on it.

Anyways, I went ahead and compressed the folder into a zip first, then changed the. In macOS High Sierra I had the same issues, namely Finder not prompting be to confirm the folder name change, and with not being able to open the folder and see a slider.

However, it turned out to not really be an issue, as I simply ran the advertised iconutil command and all worked as expected. Thanks for an excellent article — very well explained and illustrated. I never knew before that you could drag a file into the Terminal window instead of typing it. While that works in most scenarios, there are some instances where a properly formatted ICNS is preferable — over the years I have had intermittent problems with copy-pasted icons over network volumes and even when swapping files from machine to machine. I especially noticed it with any AppleScript and Automator Applications I made on one machine and moved to another.

By putting an ICNS in the Application resources, it allows the icon to travel with the app automatically. Another benefit to doing making an ICNS file is the resizing. Use the original favicon as is. Add a solid, plain background to fill the transparent regions. Add margins and a plain background.

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Background color Tip: You can pick a color directly from the preview. Margin size for a 57x57 icon.

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Feb 14 I invite you to access these products, maybe you like it. Dec 12 EugeneVe Oct 19 9 excellent. Have to do some works. Tired of your standard mac icons?

Create all icons for iOS 6 and prior. In the HTML, declare only the icon with the highest resolution. Generate the corresponding precomposed icons. If your master picture does not fit iOS well, you can submit a picture designed especially for iOS. Pick picture for iOS. Master picture.

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