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The menu at the left allows you to jump to any topic you need to access. The menu can and should be hidden when not needed on small displays by clicking on the icon at the top of the menu. To get started, choose a tutorial from the menu or article, or simply click the Next button at the bottom of each lesson page. Please wait while device is loading You should use this site with Chrome or Chromium browser for best results because other browsers may have too many keyboard quirks that will quickly become annoying for example, the QuickFind feature in Firefox, or the way Firefox uses the backspace key for navigation.

For most users, it will be best to switch the browser to full screen mode F11 , so that the screen won't scroll unintentionally. This page requires a minimum viewport area of px wide by px high. It is NOT intended to be used on a smartphone or mobile phone display, but will work on tablets that meet the minimums.

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You will get best results with a PC running Chromium for Linux in full screen mode. From August we fixed this problem slightly. It will now scale the entire screen on Android phones. Unfortunately if your phone has a very small screen, that may make it difficult to read the text. In the lesson panel on the left side of the page, you will see it has been divided into 3 sections. The top section shows the available lessons, displayed as a row of buttons.

Each lesson is designed to follow from the previous one, so it is best to complete them in order from left to right. If you see a green button, this means it leads to information that is essential for continuing exception is on the preflight checks page, where color has no meaning. Blue buttons link to information that may be of interest, but is not essential.

The lesson body may need to be scrolled in order to see all of the content. It is important to remember that when moving between pages, on most browsers the scroll position will not be reset if you know how to do that without refreshing the page, be sure to let us know.

You will need to scroll back to the top yourself.

Hardware Support

You will need to scroll back to the top yourself. They save you so much time and effort! T2-L3 Reports. This would result from something dramatic happening, such as something breaking loose during the flight, or all the passengers running towards the tail of the aircraft and stopping there. Go take a look!

The bottom section divides the lesson body into pages, making it easy to go back and review what you have already read before. Most of the time, you should read every page of every lesson. The exception is lesson 1: For that lesson, you can skip straight to page 5 if you have no interest in real-world aviation and only want to learn the MCDU procedures. This help file is due to be updated and will be given a new separate page with much more detail.

For now, we felt it is better to just get the most vital information out there as quickly as possible, so you can started. We will make fixes as we go, and continue adding content as it becomes possible. Our site is famous for two reasons But unfortunately we're also famous for how slowly we can make updates. We'd like to improve on both counts! And that's where you have the opportunity to help. This product is available to the public totally free of charge and we don't make any profit from it at all. We volunteer our spare time to work on the project and unfortunately there is less and less of this spare time available.

So we are now asking any enthusiastic volunteers who would like to see this project reach its full potential to assist with developing the project. It is really easy to help and you don't need to be a programmer to do it! You can help us by adding new airports, waypoints, routes etc. If you can spare just one hour to help with that, even if you only add one line of data, it will go a long way towards getting this project up in the air: Everyone who helps will get a shiny new developer credit that you can display on your CV or brag about to your friends or whatever else you want to do with it.

Please use the email contact form to get in touch if you are interested. My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us to keep this project alive for another year, and I truly hope we can continue to make things even better.

Publisher Description

That is no longer the case and it is much more common to encounter the newer hardware, so we have implemented a long overdue update to the interface. We have not added incremental brightness yet, but it is planned for the near future. Additional information is available from document or visit IBAC website. Added section to website to allow you to participate in developing this project. For the moment, because I don't yet have any other place to bring this notice to attention, regarding the soon-to-be-implemented communications features, I would like to present this document containing potentially important information regarding the nature of communications messages and some of the matters that you should be aware of.

Eventually we will get around to providing a tutorial on all this stuff here on the MCDU website. The features will be available before the tutorial is ready, so that is why I have made the link to the document, which is not a tutorial but does raise some important issues that will undoubtedly be of help to you in your training. You may be able to correct it by rebooting the FMGC. We didn't think you'd want to wait for the system to boot realistically, so in the emulator you can skip waiting by pressing LSK1 again. This feature can't be included in the online version due to the amount of data that has to be loaded.

Even this version you are viewing now, which is incomplete, contains more than 10, lines of code.

FMC / MCDU on Android

The full version could be a million lines. That means a lot more work for you, because you will have to manually enter every waypoint, psuedo waypoint, and other information. So boring! Stored company routes Co-Rtes , on the other hand, have most of that data already preset, so all you need to do is check it and make minor modifcations. In every other case, you definitely want to be using Co-Rtes. They save you so much time and effort! The term "Flight Level" is used to divide airspace above 9,ft into vertical sections of ft.

So when you are looking at the flight plan, it will always use FL for higher altitudes. Be aware that, depending on what country you are flying in, local ATC may not necessarily adhere to the proper use of the term "Flight Level" but they should always understand it. The "Cruise" phase of your flight abbreviated to CRZ in MCDU terms , is supposed to be the portion of it where you are obtaining maximum travel at maximum economy.


This app requires a user account provided by your Eca Faros representative. A Flight Management System Trainer is ECA Group solution to training centers'. Download Airbus Pilot MCDU Guide A/A/A and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. B Cockpit Pilot Trainer. Education. Bombardier.

Usually this means flying at higher altitudes where you can get a high rate of knots with less engine power fuel flow. It is important to understand that this effect of temperature decreasing with altitude is only true until you reach tropopause. After that point, the air begins to get warm again.

By now, if you've been reading through all the information, you will know that tropopause is a tipping point where air temperature stops getting colder with increased altitude and actually starts getting warmer. It's more accurate to describe it as the border between two different atmospheric regions: I don't want to get overly technical here, so the thing to understand and help you remember about the difference between these two atmospheric regions is that the troposphere is low and moist, and the stratosphere is high and dry.

Still in over-simplification mode, the quickest answer for why that moist air is colder than the dry air above it, is that adding unheated water to something tends to have a cooling effect. Too simple?

Well if you're really interested, keep reading. But this knowledge isn't really essential for what you came here to learn. As you already would know, air is a mixture of different gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. There are many other gases mixed in there too, as well as isotopes of these gases. At the lower atmospheric level the troposphere , there is also a lot of water vapor cluttering up the air. That water is being pulled up from ground level due to evaporation.

This app requires a user account provided by your Eca Faros representative

As water molecules are on their upward journey, they don't travel in straight lines. They are affected by all kinds of forces. This causes them to bump into each other a lot. And when they do that, there is a potential for them to form hydrogen bonds with each other.

A320 fmgs trainer for mac full version download

When enough of these molecules have bonded, they become heavier than the gas molecules around them a lone water molecule is a fraction lighter than a lone oxygen molecule, but when the water molecule is fully bonded with 4 others, it will weigh 3. Because the bonded water molecules are heavier, it means they are being pulled towards the Earth at a faster rate by gravity than the gas molecules are.

So they tend to reach a maximum altitude of between FL and FL And of course they are still flying around and banging into each other. As they do that, due to their high surface tension they have a tendency to cling together, condensing , and thus become even heavier, until they eventually find their way back to ground level again in the form of rain or snow. You need to refer to the national weather service for the country you will be flying in. Our tutorial bases you in the US, so that is the example I will provide.

When you click on the green button below not the blue one! You will see a map dividing the country into 9 regions. You would select the region you were interested in getting information for, and then scroll down the list of fixes until you find the IATA code for the place you want to know about.

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The chart will actually show full "winds aloft" information, and it's all in code. It is divided into rows and columns with the left side column showing the IATA codes, the top row showing altitude in feet, and the remaining columns have coded data. Those complex-looking codes are actually quite easy to decipher if you understand them.


Very simple when you know how to read it! Go take a look! These are the main factors that affect how well your engines work.

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We have already covered temperature, so that just leaves pressure and altitude, and these are so closely related that it's not worth dealing with them separately.